In June of 2016, our family’s life took a hard-right turn. Our then 13-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Very High-Risk B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Don’t worry, this isn’t another sad cancer blog. But the diagnosis did force us to re-evaluate our entire lives, from how we viewed life and death to which laundry soap to use. I’m not making light of the cancer. You can read more about that story here, but It was the catalyst, not the focus of our journey.

You know that feeling you get right before you leave for vacation, start a new job, or a new relationship? That feeling of new possibilities? Or have you ever been thrown a curveball, or had the plan for your life fall apart? That is why I’m writing our story. We feel like we are at the beginning of an adventure. Sharing our story feels like an integral part of our journey. Cancer may have been our trigger, but any crisis could prompt these feelings. You may feel dazed, frustrated or lost.

This blog is for you if:

  1. you have moments of feeling overwhelmed
  2. you want to find a better way to do things
  3. you want to change something about yourself or your community

I’ll be sharing every effective tool I’ve found from others that have gone before us about productivity, defining priorities and….my many mistakes. My hope is to help others feel more peaceful, successful and content with their lives.

I’ve never really been afraid to be in the public eye. We are a theatre family. But where my husband and daughter are tech, I’ve always been comfortable with center stage. Which is why I was surprised that I have been hesitating to tell our story. I have a lot of anxiety centered around using my own voice instead of a script with someone else’s.

But, I do love story telling, problem solving and am a big believer in the 80/20 rule. I should be able to learn how to tell our story in an engaging way…hopefully in a way that inspires others to go on their own journey and impact their local community.

What do I ask of you? my readers?

  1. If I hurt you, or trigger something that causes you pain, please tell me. I want to love people better every day.
  2. If you are afraid for my safety or my soul, please tell me.
  3. Of I offend or anger you, tell me your concerns, but see below…

I am new at this. I will use the wrong words or poor phrasing, possibly to the point of misrepresenting my experience. In most cases, this will be due to needing to learn the right “language”. I’m coming to terms with the fact that its OK to be were I am right now, that I don’t need to produce perfect content the first time.

Remember the hardest part was stepping on the path. The journey, itself, is sacred.


One Response to About

  1. Cheryl Benner says:

    Finally found your blogs. You have touched my heart. Love you.


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